I believe in creating delightful experiences that people will love.

A UX designer with more than 10 years experience with mobile & web services, working in a variety of companies from large international corporates to small up coming startups


What I do to get this done:



Research starts with In depth interviews with stakeholders and potential users, as well as a competitive analysis. Based on these we build user journeys and map out the product touch points with users 



Using the competitive analysis, and user journeys to guide me, I start with just pen & paper to create a high level wireframe, then Sketch and finally, inVision, to mockup the product/service


With a degree from HIT, and more then 12 years in the business, in web design as well as mobile, I create high level designs but also love discussing the tiny details. Sometimes they're what make things stand out.

Selected Works


UX + wire framing + design


UX + Design

Photosynth II

UX + Design


UX + Design


UX + Design

We're in

Branding + UX + Design

Mantis T's

Concept & Design

UX + Design