Taboola app is a light weight app, built to help current Taboola users keep track of campaign performance and metrics, as well as control budget. The goal was to give users who run campaigns worth millions have constant control of the campaign, pausing it if the results don't meet their definition, starting them up again after they've effortlessly made the necessary corrections.

The Challenge

" The Taboola team wanted the app to present all the data avaialble on the web app. 
On Mobile, our real estate is much smaller" 

We needed somethings that would provide users all the content to make fast, on the go decisions. The target audience were people heavy Taboola users as well as campaign managers inside Taboola, familiar with the web interface.

The Solution

After a lot of sketching, and reviews with the PM and Taboola team, the direction selected was the one that divides the data into two sets:
An Overview of all campaigns, and a Campaigns tab that displays the complete list of all campaigns with search functionality. 



In this tab, I designed a sophisticated graph that allows the user to filter and view many data sets. With direction manipulation on the table and graph, that corresponded with each other, as well as sorting controls that used the text itself so the interface would be easy and light, the challenge of so the large data set was resolved.



The product manager and myself defined a set of data that should be visible at first glance:  campaigns status (running, paused, depleted), campaign budget and campaign CPC. 
The list is quite heavy in content but the use of color and separators helps digest the information, and a search functionality at the top allows for fast access to a specific campaign.
Once the user taps on a campaign on the list they can see the entire data set for that specific campaign, and take necessary action.



Detailing the entire interaction flow, as well as micro interactions and Dev notes