The WE'RE IN app is an app that allows multiple users to share their perspective locations. Together with the Bing Israel team, working closely with the leading PM, we worked over several months refining, re-defining, and exploring multiple possibilities.


The Challenges:

How to maintain the sense of privacy for the users, how to convey reliability, and how to implement across multiple platforms (WP7, iPhone and web)
Deliverables were wireframes, UX design and look and feel of the app, as well as the logo.


First step

After the first medium fidelity sketches were final we were confident enough to have an improvised user testing. We invited 5 participants to Microsoft's offices, and tested our product. We wanted to see how people reacted to the idea of contact location sharing, what other scenarios for the location sharing they'd come up with that we didn't, and of course we also wanted to test the app's interaction.



  • Most users had a very hard time understanding the concept of real-time location sharing

  • Once users understood the real time nature of the location sharing they agrees the scenarios we thought of were valuable, but weren't sure how many times they'd actually use such a service.

  • We found most people interviewed, were apprehensive about sharing their location, and wanted a VERY clear indication of the time their location is shared, and who it's shared with.


Final Iteration

We created a list of interactions that needed work on, asked Marketing and Copy at Microsoft to help us create a better, more understandable product description and we went ahead with UI changes. 
I worked on the UX and look & feel with my UX Manager from the US so it will be more aligned with the new language Microsoft has developed.
We also tweaked our intro screens to create a better presentation for the viewer.


The end

The app was never released. We soon realised it would be a powerful feature inside Bing Maps but as a stand alone app, it wasn't something that fit the MS strategy.